Urgent Care: The EASY Alternative

Urgent Care: The EASY Alternative

by Stephanie Meadows

The growth and development of Urgent Care Medicine should be of no surprise to anyone. Fueled by frustration over long waits in the emergency room (for non-emergency care), and a reduction in available primary care appointments (often resulting in patients waiting for weeks to see their primary care physician), a new growth spurt for the Urgent Care industry began in the mid-1990s and continues today.

An emergency room doesn't need to be your first choice for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, nor should it be. Moreover, they are rarely the most convenient, expedient, or cost-effective option. An urgent care center can save you time and money. At Colonial Healthcare’s Urgent Care offices, we provide high-quality care from experienced, knowledgeable medical staff on a walk-in basis.

For many patients, Urgent Care centers are the main place to go for care, especially on weekends or evenings when their primary-care physicians don’t have office hours. According to research, only 29 percent of primary care doctors have after-hours coverage. Urgent Care centers are a boon for patients in other ways, as well. The wait time to see a provider is typically half an hour or less, compared to a multi-hour wait time in most Emergency Departments. And patients can often see a doctor, as opposed to a nurse practitioner if they go to a retail clinic. Moreover, Urgent Care centers offer imaging and other services not found in retail outlets. Employers, insurers and other payers also benefit from urgent-care centers, which charge only a fraction of what emergency rooms would.

The Colonial Healthcare system has all types of medical providers available, from primary care to pediatrics. We wanted to be more available to those in need, because health related things just don’t happen on a set schedule.

If you need to visit an urgent care right away, we have two locations in the Columbia, SC area. Call Colonial Urgent Care at (803) 773-5227 for Sumter, or (803) 256-1511 for Columbia. We are available to help 7 days per week.