Signs That You Might Need to Visit an Urgent Care

Signs That You Might Need to Visit an Urgent Care

by Shearly (SU)

When you need treatment right away, your body has a way of telling you. Many of us have been at that point where you can’t even wait one day for symptoms to finally subside, let alone waiting an entire week to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor. When you feel the need to see a doctor right away, it’s time to visit an urgent care.

Urgent Cares treat accidents, injuries or illnesses that require immediate medical attention but are not life threatening. If you fall and hurt your ankle, or wake up with sore or red eyes, or get the flu, these are examples of non life-threatening circumstances that still require urgent medical attention. On the other hand, if you suffer a serious head injury or are experiencing a heart attack, you need to visit the Emergency Room, as these are considered life-threatening conditions.

Common Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care:

·       Falls

·       A minor to moderate accident

·       Sprains and strains

·       Difficulty breathing, for instance mild to moderate asthma

·       Red, itchy, irritated eyes

·       Fever

·       Common cold and flu

·       A deep cut that requires stitches

·       Vomiting/diarrhea

·       Dehydration

·       Fractured/broken fingers and toes

·       Rashes

·       Urinary tract infections (UTI)

·       X-rays

·       Diagnostic services

·       Lab testing

Now that we’ve covered the types of illnesses, injuries and services most commonly covered at Urgent Care, how do you know when it’s time to visit now and not postpone until the next day? Here are four common signs that indicate the need to go to urgent care now.

1. You need help, and don’t want to feel how you do another day: When you need treatment right away, your body just knows it. Don’t fight it, see someone right away.

2. You have been sick, and aren’t getting any better: If you’ve been sick for more than a couple days and don’t seem to be getting better you may need a certain prescription drug or antibiotic in order to get better. If this is the case, waiting it out will only ensure you get sicker. The sooner your body gets a dose of the necessary medicine, the better.

3. You have been injured, but it is not a life-threatening situation: Injuries are a common reason people visit an urgent care. We offer X-rays, stitches, wound cleaning, and so much more in terms of treating injuries, from minor burns to sprained ankles. If your injury is bleeding bad enough to warrant serious concern, that’s a clear indication you need to go to the Emergency Room.

4. You want to save money: The Emergency Room is always going to be more expensive than urgent care. When your medical injury or condition is severe enough to warrant a trip to the ER, it is worth every penny. When your condition or injury is not serious enough to warrant emergency treatment, it is not worth the cost. If all you need is some ointment and a prescription, you can save a big chunk of change by heading to an urgent care instead of the ER.

At Colonial Healthcare, our urgent care facilities are designed for fast and convenient care for walk-in patients, and our physicians are ready to provide immediate care. We offer treatment for minor illness and injuries. Call Colonial Healthcare at (803) 773-5227 for hours and directions, and remember that we are here 7 days a week to help!